How to Download

Here are the steps to download the music in Sonatine Music Library. More detail see About Player.


Adding the Music to Cart

To add the music to your cart, push the "Add to Cart" button on the page of the music which you want.

Confirming Contents of Cart

After adding to cart, "Cart" displays. If you want to download immediately push the "Checkout" button.


Download Procedure

To start download procedure push the "Checkout" button.

Login to Player Account

If you have not logined yet "Player Register/Login" displays.

Create Player Account

If you have not Player Account, create your Player Account which you need to download the music.


Checking Player's Information

Check your Player's Information. If there is no problem push the "Continue" button.

Coupon and Gift Card

If you have Coupons or Gift Cards, you can use them to pay.


Select payment. If only free music you don't need.

Confirming Order

If there is no problem push the "Confirm" button to complete the procedure.


Let's Download!

To start downloading, Player's Page → Show All Orders → View and push download button. You can download twice on a first week.


You can print the music sheet out at your own printer or any printing service so you can enjoy music easily.